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Affirmations for Kids Memory Matching Game

Affirmations for Kids Memory Matching Game

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Affirmations for Kids Memory Matching Game

This unique matching card game combines the power of play with the benefits of positive affirmations in a fun and effective way. This game helps children learn the power of positive self talk through I AM affirmations, giving kids a little self-confidence boost with every card flipped. Also great for training memory, concentration, cognitive thinking, and hand-eye coordination. Give playtime an empowering upgrade!


  • Thin and sturdy box (L7.5xW5xH1.25") with magnetic closure, perfect for easy storage and travel
  • 48 thick and sturdy cards (6x6cm) with rounded edges, perfect for little hands
  • 24 matching pairs of beautifully hand-illustrated designs, designed in Canada
  • Fun for all: designed for 1-4 players, ages 3+
  • Printed with non-toxic ink on thick, durable cardboard


  • Promotes positive thinking, encourages kindness, and builds confidence in your little ones
  • Encourages matching, memory, and fine motor skills, plus hand-eye coordination, concentration, and cognitive thinking
  • Introduces children to a healthy and positive new vocabulary
  • Can be varied to suit different ages and abilities– for younger children, start with fewer cards
  • Make a great gift and is perfect for traveling or on-the-go play!

How To Play

  • Shuffle the cards and arrange them face down
  • Players take turns selecting and turning over two cards 
  • If the two cards match, the player should say the affirmation out loud and collect the matching pair of cards
  • If the two cards don’t match, turn them back over
  • Continue taking turns until all cards are matched

Collect the most matching pairs to win! (But more importantly, repeatedly saying affirmations outloud will help children learn the power of positive self-talk. This is a confidence-building tool in disguise!)

Other Tips

  • This game is great for a solo “quiet time” activity
  • For younger children, start with fewer cards and gradually add more
  • Reflect and discuss how these affirmations make you feel
  • Make up your own rules and have fun! There really is no right or wrong way to play!

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