Allure Necklace

With a vintage and brass-toned look, our Allure necklace is the perfect statement piece to spice up any outfit. Geometric shapes intertwined with eye-catching pink gemstones and a dash of sparkle, this piece is no doubt a head-turner.


Amaretto Necklace

Gold hardware, mixed crystals, and champagne-colored cabochon stones create a wonderful whiteout effect in our Amaretto Necklace. Elegant, feminine, and yet still casually eye-catching, you can't go wrong!

$45.00 $30.00

Aphrodite Statement Necklace

Gold chains couple with a hint of sparkle to give this statement piece a Grecian feel; Laze in the sun next to the Mediterranean like the goddess you are in our heavenly Aphrodite necklace.

$70.00 $40.00

Arabella Necklace

The Arabella necklace combines intricate architectural design with warm pops of jade green, hot pink, and smoky glass crystal. A beautiful and elegant statement piece.

$50.00 $35.00

Arrow Pendant Necklace

Our new line of dainty pendant necklaces are perfect for the simple chic. Plated in 18K gold, these necklaces are fun, classic, and stylish, all wrapped into one!


Astoria Necklace

A geometric mix of jade green stones with black enamel accents create the perfect everyday statement. Wear alone or layer with your favorite delicates for a more modern look.

$45.00 $15.00

Babydoll Necklace

Sparkle galore! This oversized statement necklace is full of pave crystals, gemstones, and little details to make your heart melt. Throw this necklace over any plain top and create an instantly glamorous look!

$60.00 $15.00

Belize Necklace

An ornate crystalline stunner features feminine botanical motifs in a regal, paneled statement bib. Sparkle in the form of royal luxury, our Belize necklace is truly an eye-catcher.

$45.00 $20.00

Belle of the Ball Necklace

Pave crystals, white gemstones, and gold hardware are the perfect combination! This glamorous necklace will surely make you feel like the belle of the ball whether at a fancy affair, or simply being casually chic.

$40.00 $20.00

Birdie Trio Set

Delicate and versatile movement to compliment any look. Featuring rose gold and semi shiny tassels and gemstones that drop from three delicate chains. Wear together as one cohesive look or each strand separately.

$48.00 $20.00

Blue Danube Necklace

Like shards of sea glass, this gorgeous necklace features geometric cuts of deep sea ocean blue and sandy whites for a stunning kaleidoscopic effect. With spikes of gold accents, the Blue Danube necklace is both elegant and edgy.

$50.00 $18.00

Blushing Bride Necklace

Here comes the bride! We hear that bridal statement jewelry is all the rage and our Blushing Bride necklace embodies all that you want on your special day: elegance, radiance, and beauty. Strung together with a gold chain, this necklace features a stunning mix of pearls and all that glitters.

$55.00 $20.00

Burma Choker

This must-have choker trend is a runway-inspired piece. Polished black gem strands and an oversized velvet ribbon evoke a sense of luxury.

$25.00 $6.00

Champagne Bubbles Necklace

Reminiscent of our favourite bubbly, our Champagne Bubbles necklace is the perfect subtle statement. Ivory jewels and gemstones make up this soft-toned piece, making it a versatile accessory for any outfit.

$38.00 $15.00

Circle Pendant Necklace

Our new line of dainty pendant necklaces are perfect for the simple chic. Plated in 18K gold, these necklaces are fun, classic, and stylish, all wrapped into one!


Cityline Collection - Paris

Our new Cityline Collection is the perfect way to show off pride for your hometown, current city, or even favorite destination, all in a classy and dainty necklace. Plated with gold, our Cityline necklace collection is truly classic. And let's face it, Paris is always a good idea!

$35.00 $10.00

Cityline Collection - World Map

Now you don't have to pick your favourite place! The world is your oyster with our new World Map edition of our Cityline Collection.

$35.00 $25.00

Creme de la Femme Necklace

Mix together a bit of femme and a bit of elegance, and you have our Creme de la Femme necklace! Sweet and sultry, the marquise stones give some extra edge to the oversized gemstones.

$38.00 $15.00

Crescent Long Necklace

This slim modern silhouette features sleek, crescent-shaped pave gemstones for an architectural take on a delicate statement. Perfect for layering!

$45.00 $20.00

Crystal Blooms Necklace

Clusters of gems create a bouquet of flowers for this gorgeous necklace. Pair this statement piece with a simple top for a stylish look for spring!

$50.00 $20.00